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Helping young athletes maximize their potential by helping amateur leagues, coaches, teams/players with funding resources.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Youth Sports Foundation is the pursuit of the following principles:

  1. Transparency - Youth Sports Foundation wants to inspire people to help young athletes by creating a system upon which all relevant aspects of their donations are transparent to them.
  2. Communication - Youth Sports Foundation seeks to create a common protocol for communication between parents, coaches, recreation leagues, and businesses.
  3. Travel - By fostering relationships with travel programs, Youth Sports Foundation, will endeavor to provide a method of cost effective travel programs to maximize the efficient use of funds.
  4. Support - By identifying the needs of teams and or players, Youth Sports Foundation seeks to provide the support needed when funds for uniforms, equipment, distant travel, and other resources are needed.
  5. Improvement - Youth Sports Foundation shall endeavor to improve young athletic abilities, inter-league communications, facilities, program specific education, and efficient use of funds.


Modernizing Sports Fundraising

The Youth Sports Foundation seeks to simplify fundraising across sports programs to reduce the burden and maximize efficiency utilizing modern technology and systems for donors and donor recipients. Youth Sports Foundation's key programs are as follows:

  • Sandbox: Sandbox utilizes a method of fundraising using a simple and transparent system for fundraising across various geographic locations while insuring volunteers and fundraisers funds are allotted to their sports programs. (i.e. One Account separated into fundraisers sports programs that can issue the W9 forms requested from many businesses for their programs.)
  • Scouting: Youth Sports Foundation's Scouting program deals with local, regional, and national businesses to create a geographic resource for fundraisers to use while fundraising. By providing a single point of contact, local businesses will increase their time efficiency and fundraisers can have area specific donor lists and status.
  • Stringer: The Stringer program will provide accounting, statistics, and evaluations based on funding, performance, and possible improvement areas.
  • Undefeated: The Undefeated program will be utilized to maximize a team/players opportunities for fundraising based on performance in their sport by assisting in their needed travel, lodging, entry fees. A team/player needs to be accepted and approved into the Undefeated Program by a unanimous vote by the Board Members of Youth Sports Foundation.
  • Other: Programs under consideration, development, and approval.


Sponsors, Donors, and Fundraisers: Why?

  • Sponsors: Insure your sponsorships are creating a maximum efficient impact while decreasing requests of sponsorship from many to a few. Deal with a few W9 requests instead of having to ask for many throughout the year by various sports teams and organizations. As a local Sponsor, you can gear your funds towards your local organizations. Regional Sponsors and National Sponsors can have their funds spread across a region for varying sports organizations.
  • Donors: As a donor, sometimes the question is asked where are our funds going. Youth Sports Foundation will utilize a transparency model so you can see how your funds are being used and where they are applied by area. As a Donor, you will get a receipt with a reference tag that you can follow if you choose to do so. 
  • Fundraisers: Many volunteer fundraisers contribute time and resources to promote their league, team, and/or players. Many fundraisers hand over funds that they have spent time acquiring to turn in the funds and not be able to see where their time and effort is going. Youth Sports Foundation's Sandbox program, will allow you to follow your funds. If you raise funds for Team A, you will see Team A use the funds and where they are used. Fundraisers are a key to success and Youth Sports Foundation shall endeavor to keep them in the loop. 

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