YSF Fund Programs

YSF General and Administrative

YSF program that covers the cost of running the 501c3. YSF strives to giveback over 95% of funds raised. We currently have a 100% volunteer program.

Sandbox Program

YSF recognizes that fundraisers for their specific team and or player work the hardest for their team or player in raising funds. Our SandBox program allows fundraisers to continue to do so through conditional gifts and a YSF assigned funding code which allows them to maximize their fundraising efforts.

Undefeated Fund

YSF raises funds for championship tournaments in varying youth athletics to allow their teams to be represented at distant locations. For Example, Girls Softball State Champions can't afford to goto Regional or National Championships. YSF will try and help fill funding gaps depending on our funds available.

Veterans Youth Fund

YSF has affiliated with the VFW to help young athletes of veterans compete in athletic programs.

Scholarship Fund

YSF Scholarship Fund is for YSF Volunteers and their children to help fund tuition at an accredited college. (This program is not yet active)

Sport Training Fund

YSF Sport Training Fund helps young athletes in their respective sports get training and attend sport camps.

Fundraising Tools for Affiliates

Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program

YSF has been accepted into the Points of Light - Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program. Affiliates can earn up to 20 tickets to Disney each year. YSF will work with your program to set up your volunteering program under the rules provided by Points of Light. When YSF receives the tickets, you will be notified. 

Kohl's Cares Fundraising Gift Card

YSF will work with your program to help fundraise using our Kohl's Cares Program. Contact us if you wish to utilize this program.

Fundraising Discount Cards

YSF has and is patterning with National, Regional, and local businesses to provide a fundraising discount card. Many of these programs require to purchase the discount cards and then sell them. YSF has chosen a lend/lease version, where you only pay for what your program sells and return unsold cards. Please contact YSF for more information.

Donation Matching Programs

YSF can use an automated donation site to match donors with their employers to see if the donation can be matched, doubled, or tripled through their employer. 

In Kind Donations

YSF can help your program run fundraising auctions through our In Kind Donations or help you purchase an item for auction. 

Spread the Word

YSF can help your program get the word out about a program, event, or fundraiser through our platforms.